††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† August 5, 2002


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:


Although it has been a very long process, we have finally received the permits from Grove City and construction is commencing on the new activity center. The dream for many of us will soon be a reality. Please remember that workers will be needed for roofing, cleanup, painting, drywall, carpentry, door hanging, plumbing, landscaping, and digging. I know we are not all experienced in these items but there are those in the congregation who can lead us through these activities. Any help or assistance you can provide in these areas is appreciated.


As human beings, we tend to think about things in the present tense rather than the long term. What can a facility like this do for me today? Well, as I mentioned in my previous letter, there are many activities that can be conducted in this facility such as fellowship, dinners, receptions, Christmas pageants, Vacation Bible School, youth activities as well as school related functions. These are benefits immediately available to us. However, letís look at the long term aspects. This facility will portray us as an active congregation in the community and will serve as an evangelism tool for bringing in new members, especially those with young children. The youth as we so often forget are the future members of the church. Let us also remember that this facility is being built with not only our children in mind but also our childrenís children. This facility will be with us for generations to come. Letís make it the best it can be.††


As I mentioned in my June 8, 2002 letter, we are going to incur additional costs for electrical work and storm drainage that was not originally anticipated. The current estimate is $25,000 over budget. However, there is a possibility that the costs incurred by AEP of $14,000 will be reimbursed to us. Under the best scenario, we will be short $11,000. Under the worst scenario, we will be short $25,000. These additional costs will come due at the end of the project.


The Building Committee continues to feel, and it was our take from the congregation, that we must focus on constructing the entire facility and get as much under roof as possible. Therefore, we are moving ahead on faith hoping that the congregation will be moved to cover the costs of the facilities as well as these additional costs.


We have already asked Randy Riggs to look at ways of cutting expenses at the end of the project if such funds do not come in such as holding off buying doors, drywall and plumbing fixtures. However, with your help, this will not be necessary. If we hold off buying these items, we may not be able to occupy the building upon completion.


The contributions to the Building Fund have been very encouraging. Please continue your efforts in this regard. Any funds you can provide to cover the additional costs would also be greatly appreciated. They donít have to be large donations. Small ones add up too.


Well, are you ready to watch the building go up? I know I am. The dream is becoming a reality.



Yours in Christ,


Tom Heckathorn