In an endeavor to reduce costs, several modifications have been made to the building.  This includes the following:


The windows in the activity center have been removed including the steel framing.  This has already been approved by the city.


The sidewalk on the parking lot side of the activity center has been removed.  This sidewalk ran down the side of the building with steps to the shelter house.  This still requires city approval.


The drywall around the vents in the ceiling of the activity center will

remain (soffits??).  However, there was also 200 feet of soffits that was decoration and not necessary.  This will be removed with approval from the city.


Eliminated the exhaust fan in the kitchen at this time.  It will be put in later when we have an idea of the stove to be purchased.


The three phase wiring will go across the ceiling in the old kitchen and therefore the cabinets will not have to be removed.


We don't have estimates yet on these items but it should be several thousand dollars.  A few other things:


The gas line will be routed around the building rather than through the attic.  We don't anticipate an additional cost for this.


A communication conduit had to be installed for the stage. This was missed in the original design.  A member has agreed to pay this $2,000 bill.


The alarm system is still up in the air.  There is an issue with regard to whether the existing system will have to be upgraded.  We are waiting on the city for this item.  Cost to replace the existing system could run as high as $10,500.


The location of the grease trap is still in question as well.