Position Primary Responsibilities      
  President Preside over all meetings of the Church Council and Congregation      
    Supervise all affairs of the Congregation and conduct business in accordance with established good order      
    Sign all documents on behalf of the Congregation      
    Ex officio member of all boards and committees      
  Recording Secretary Record accurately the proceedings of all meetings of the Church Council and Congregation      
    Maintain legal records of the Congregation      
    Assist in the orderly conduct of the business affairs of the Congregation      
    Sign all documents on behalf of the Congregation      
  Treasurer Make disbursements according to instructions of the Church Council and the Congregation      
    Make monthly reports to the Church Council and quarterly reports to the Congregation      
    Maintain accurate permanent record of both the receipts and disbursements of the Congregation      
    May sign documents on behalf of the Congregation in the absence of the President or Recording Secretary      
  Financial Secretary Receive and deposit all contributions of the Congregation, keep accurate account of same and deliver weekly report to the Treasurer      
    Keep accurate record of all receipts, record all contributions made and provide quarterly report to members of their offerings      
    Member of the Board of Stewardship      
  Elders Chairman Responsible for the spiritual well being of the Congregation      
    Ensure that doctrine and practice in the Church conform with the Word of God and the constitution      
    Ensure worship services are conducted in good order. Assist the Pastor in administering spiritual affairs of the Congregation      
    Provide counsel to the Pastor in difficult situations and ensure discipline is carried out in accordance with the Word of God      
    Ensure good order and dignity is maintained in the worship services. Supervise ushers and work with Pastor, Organist and Choir Director    
    Call on delinquent members and admonish those neglecting the means of grace       
    Work with Board of Stewardship to assimilate new members into the Congregation      
    Watch over the temporal welfare of the Pastor and his family and adminster charity work undertaken by the Congregation      
    Make recommendations for membership and approve transfers      
  Evangelism Chairman Establish and maintain an active program for the Congregation to reach out to neighborhood and community      
    Assist Pastor in reaching unchurched souls in the community and organize periodic canvasses      
    Evaluate the Congregation's evangelism effort and seek ways to stimulate the entire Congregation in witnessing for Christ      
    Provide evangelism literature and visual aids relating to personal and worldwide mission work      
    Maintain prospect list and be concerned with the reception, orientation and integration of new members into the Congregation      
    Ensure an atmosphere of friendliness in the Congregation towards new members and visitors      
  Christian Education Chairman Assist the Pastor in supervising the Sunday School and Vacation Bible School      
    Provide appropriate scriptural materials and proper training of teachers      
    Encourage youth and adult Bible Study      
    Establish and maintain a library of books, reference material, and audio-visual aids to aid Christian growth      
    Member of School Board      
  School Board Chairman Determine scope and duties of called workers and coordinate with Pastor and Congregation in calling and staffing teachers      
    Be concerned with spiritual, emotional and physical health and welfare of called teachers and their families      
    Responsible for ongoing operation of the Elementary School and Pre-school      
    Supervision of the Parent-Teacher-Friends Organization      
    Provide for professional growth of teachers      
    Member of Christian Education      
  Trustees Chairman Responsible for proper maintenance and repair of Church property      
    Inspect property annually and recommend improvements      
    Responsible for providing for custodial work and shall supply the necessary equipment and materials      
    Arrange for immediate repairs of an emergency nature and all normal repairs and alterations for which budget funds have been allocated      
    May sign documents on behalf of the Congregation in the absence of the President or Recording Secretary      
  Stewardship Chairman Use God-pleasing means to promote a strong stewardship consciousness within the Congregation      
    Seek ways of enlisting the time, talents and treasures of each member for dedicated service to the Lord      
    Assist in the orientation of new members      
    Maintain congregational talent file and provide for the immediate recording of the talents and abilities of incoming members      
    Conduct program to annually encourage every member in the use of basic Biblical stewardship principles and practices       
  Youth Work Chairman Promote attendance and involvement of the Congregation's youth in all youth activities      
    Provide for the continuing spiritual growth of the youth of the Congregation      
    Plan and carry out, together with other concerned boards, a year around program for youth of the Congregation      
    Actively engage in the selection and training of leaders for the youth programs      
    Promote the assimilation of youth into the Congregation      
  Public Relations Chairman Presentation to the public of a Christian image which will reflect favorably upon the work of Christ and of the Congregation      
    Maintain a continuing program of publicity for the Congregation and commitment to the Gosple of Christ      
    Maintain indoor and outdoor Church bulletin boards and recommend appropriate messages and themes      
    Work for the overall enhancement of the Congregation's image in the various news media and publications in the community      
    Work together with Elders and Evangelism to make visitors feel welcome      
  Fellowship Chairman Plan, supervise, and implement larger gatherings of the Congregation which will further the goals of the Congregation      
    Integrate new members and their families into the Congregation through periodic fellowship      
    Receive and approve requests for the use of the facilities in coordination with the Trustees and Pastor      
  Mentoring Committee Assist in assimulating new members into the Congregation      
  Worship Committee Oversees the church service ensuring it is conducted in proper order      
  Kitchen Committee Establish and maintain proper order in the kitchen      
  PTFO Parent-Teacher-Friends Organization provides for the interaction of parents and teachers with the faculty and Congregation      
  Preschool Subcommittee Currently reviewing the Pre-School program      
  Technology Committee Oversees the technological aspects of the church and school      
  Ladies Group Provides fellowship opportunity and various services to the Congregation